Dyzaro | Site Reliability Engineering – Consulting for Performance Engineering Solutions
Provide services to Fortune 500 companies and Startups

Founders and Co-founders have worked in the following organizations


A skilled self-sufficient team with the ability to promptly and effectively provide technological solutions and deliver value.

Additional expertise to enhance your projects, composed of highly skilled engineers , seamlessly integrated with your team.

We are seeking to provide services for the best companies in the world

We want to deliver exceptional technology solutions for world-class businesses in every industry, from dynamic startups and SMB to Fortune 500 companies.

Vision and Insight

Clear vision and insight into your corporate goals, even when project specifications are ambiguous at the outset

Working Together

We strive to ensure the right balance between eliciting your feedback and respecting your time. This way, you can be confident everyone is on the same page and contributing to the fullest.

Relationship of Trust

We earn your trust by listening to you, actively. And by applying our expertise and experience to advance your best interests.

Culture of Excellence and Innovation

A culture of excellence that strives for honesty, integrity, and respect in every relationship, Innovative solutions, no matter how complex the challenge

Superior Technical Expertise & Technical Team

A superior, agile technical team with experience in a wide variety of expertise.We take pride in the success of our clients. By hiring technical talent who are experts in their fields and following the agile project management methodology we architect secure environments built to last.

Understanding your Needs

To start, we focus on the big picture of what your project needs to accomplish. You tell us your scenarios and together, we figure out the details even when your specifications are fuzzy, and your requirements are subject to change. Deep understanding of your technical and business needs

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