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Dyzaro – Aptimyze Cloud Performance Load Testing Tool

Did you know that 83% of enterprise workloads will be migrated to the cloud by 2020?

From lower overhead to increased productivity and more reliable security, the benefits of cloud migration and digital transformation are clear for most organizations. But whether your organization is pre or post-migration, you need a performance management solution that enables you to get the most out of your digital infrastructure.

Fortunately, Dyzaro Aptimyze Cloud Performance Load Testing Tool makes it easy to analyze and optimize your digital applications. Our SaaS-based cloud performance testing platform enables your team to maximize the output of your entire application infrastructure, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity across DevOps workflows.

Test your Apps. Fast, Simple and Easy

A SaaS based performance testing solution to help you identify performance issues when you are planning to scale up.

Testing Tools

Aptimyze is built over leading open source Performance testing tools like JMeter & Gatling and enriched with visualization tools like customized Grafana/Kibana



Dyzaro offers SaaS with an usage based pricing model thereby providing measurable value for all its customers. Our algorithm ensures that our customers save on costs in comparison to other similar offerings.



ARun a 25 user test and try our dashboard for free

Dyzaro Cloud Performance Load Testing makes it Easy to:

Identify cloud performance issues before you scale operations
Pay only for what you use with our proprietary SaaS platform
Meet and exceed SLAs and eliminate bottlenecks before they become a problem
Convert Loadrunner scripts and save millions of dollars in vendor licensing costs
Upload Jmeter, Selenium, or Gatling scripts and automatically scale to the proper cloud server workload
Run regression scripts against baselines and easily validate performance against SLAs
Run workloads from any part of the world and simulate network latency from the data center or cloud
Model application workloads realistically and effectively scale capacity for usage spikes (ie Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or registration deadlines)

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Dyzaro -Aptimyze

Try our dashboard for free and run a 25-user test today!


Real world performance for load testing to minimize rollbacks and deliver faster software, faster

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