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Performance Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

What is the Cost of Performance to the Business and How it Affects the Reference.

As second response time delay could cost millions of $$$ in loss. Blackfriday is a best example of this Performance Improvement and Revenue

Black Friday Performance Reports.

Here is the performance report on how companies fared during 2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Black Friday and Cyber Monday reports

What to Consider while Optimizing your Webservers.

Things to consider while optimizing webservers

Web Optimization blog

The blogs discussed in this article are great sources of news, tips and tutorials on the subject of building fast sites. At the end of this article, there’s a download link for an OPML file containing all the RSS feeds of the blogs covered in this article in case you’d like to add them to your feed reader.

Things to consider for web optimization

Read the Gartners AI Operations?

Check the Gartners AI operations

McKinsey’s State of the Art of Machine Learning ?

McKinsey’s state of the Art of Machine Learning

Very nice article on why speed matters

Why speed matters by Tammy Everret

What is Devops?

  • Dev ops is a team consisting of Development and Operations. In my experience, I have seen there is a wall between development and infrastructure. Devops bridges the gaps. Here is the case study and high level devops view that we implemented and some of the references from web.

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